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Why Your Website Is Not Converting Into Transactional Customers?

Although the volume of traffic to your website is consistent, the number of purchases you're making falls short of what you'd want. I'm sure you're wondering, "Why?"

Do you have any idea why your e-commerce conversion rate is so low? A list of the most frequent causes has been created by us. Let's get into further detail!

  • Your webpage loads too slowly

Users can be impatient, and first impressions count for a lot. Your website loses potential clients for every second it takes to load. The ideal loading time for pages is around 3 seconds, and absolutely under seven. Slow page loading times not only turn off potential consumers but also harm your Google rating, which makes it less likely that anyone will ever open your website.

  • You don't match the search intention

A searcher's query is driven by their search intent. Are they seeking information about a product, assistance with a question, or a purchase, for instance?


Your website may not be converting properly if you've optimized it for clients who are in the incorrect stage of the purchasing process or if there is a disconnect between their purpose and your aims. If you run an e-commerce site that ranks primarily for informational keywords, you might not get the conversions you want.

To gain visitors from various sources, it is best to target various search intent types.

  • Links to social media

Your brand's reach will grow as a result of the social media links you add to your website, which make it simpler for users to share your content. It establishes community, promotes brand salience, and produces leads. It also increases audience engagement with content.

  • No calls to action

The visitor will find it simple to get in touch with you and buy your products thanks to calls to action. Visitors will quit and search elsewhere if your phone number, email address, or contact form are difficult to locate. 

Businesses are increasingly mobile, therefore it would be a mistake if you did not offer this tool to help clients communicate with you. The most significant button on any website is unquestionably the "click to call" button.

  • Duplicated materials

Duplicate content may be seen as plagiarism or inconsistent, both of which lower your site's search engine ranks. For websites to be effective, their material must be fresh, clear, and simple to "consume." The user is generally guided to the following step or stage by such content kinds, which are frequently objective and action-oriented.

  • The payment procedure is complicated

The checkout process and generating a favorable UX are just as crucial to website optimization as other website elements because common errors in the checkout and payment process can cause users to quit their basket due to difficulties or mistrust. 

For instance, contact forms should be easy to complete and as brief as possible. Customers may become suspicious and irritated if the form is longer than they anticipate and requests information that they don't consider to be relevant. People will abandon your website as a result without purchasing as a result.


The aforementioned factors are only a handful of the ones preventing your website from turning visitors into customers. Even though there are many additional reasons, this piece will help you get started on increasing your sales with the traffic you already have to your website.


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