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What Is The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development?

People that have less knowledge about the digital world often think that web design and development are the same things. In reality, both are different and provide separate functions. Their name gives a clear indication of their difference but there are other elements that make them dissimilar. Website development services and website designing services require completely different skill sets and experts to get the work done effectively.

Both services are heavily in demand and quite popular for businesses that are looking to establish a strong online presence. The success of your business online depends on your website and for that, you will need to get web development as well as web design work accomplished through experts to make sure that your website is fully optimized. But it’s a must to know the differences between both services so that you don’t get confused later on.

Designers Never Write Codes

When it comes to all work that requires coding, a developer is an ideal person for the job. There may be a few designers that can do development work but that’s not a general rule. For the most part, the primary job of a website designer is to use software such as photoshop for designing layouts and creating mockups as well as images for the website. Not even one of the above tasks requires coding. Coding is separately reserved for developers who never work on any type of design.

Some businesses look for no-code websites that can be customized and designed by expert designers without needing a developer. But generally, a web development company in Noida will look for developers rather than designers who are suitable to match the profile.

Web Developers Do Not Work On Visual-Related Tasks

While designers are only reserved for any design-related work, developers mostly take care of the back end of a website by writing codes in different languages accordingly. Designers create visual assets that add a great look to the website making it appear high-quality and credible. Making a website look aesthetic is a big part of their job. Developers are simply there for adding these functionalities as they translate the wireframes and mockups into code using languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

In simple words, creating assets related to visuals is the work of designers while using codes to make them pop up is done by developers. This is why a website design company in India must know what they are looking for.

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Despite the obvious differences, website design and website development are often associated with each other. There may be exceptions but for the most part, these two are completely different services and needs two completely different people/teams. On a base level, designers take care of mostly visual-related work while developers focus more on coding. A website needs both services and if you are in need of them then Buziness.in is the ideal place for it. 

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