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Guide to tips for Custom Website Design

Can your website visitors identify your company's services within the first five seconds of visiting it? If users needed to, would it be simple for them to find the blog? Is it simple to grasp how you have set up your pricing? Does your website's organic traffic seem to be low?

If you frequently find yourself responding "no" to these inquiries, it may be time to reevaluate how you've been planning and optimizing your website.

You can always get better at what you do as a web designer, whether you've built dozens of websites already or are just starting.

To address that, I'll offer some website advice that will help you make sure your redesign is headed on the proper path and will also help you develop your creative ideas.


  • Do not use complex color schemes

It's simple to use color inappropriately when there are so many gorgeous tones and hues available. Even though many designers' aesthetics are built around bright and striking color schemes, the majority of the site design is overpowered when too many colors are used near one another.

Start reading up on color theory to assist you to choose your color schemes more effectively and to truly comprehend how to use color for your web design.

  • Make site speed a priority

We've all done it: clicked a link and waited for it to load.

And wait...and wait...until you quit and go to another website that loads quicker.

A website that loads slowly is the number one reason visitors leave the page. Thus, increasing your website's performance is essential to enhance its overall appearance. It takes ongoing work to make websites load faster. To make your website load faster, there is always something you can do. To do site speed tests and make ongoing changes, try blocking off time each week or month.

  • Make a navigable website

One of your website's most crucial components is navigation. On your website, visitors utilize the navigation to search for information. It's important that visitors can easily find the appropriate pages.

Your navigation system must be straightforward to use when it is designed. Creating wide headlines with detailed subheadings is what you want to do. This will assist you in maintaining the organization of your website and aid information discovery for your users.

  • Don't forget the visuals

Your design's influence can be increased by using visual components. Your website shouldn't be overly text-heavy. This may turn potential customers away.

You may pique your visitors' interest by integrating visual components like images, videos, and infographics by allowing them to look at visual content. It's an excellent technique to split text and maintain readers' interest in your page.

  • Add social media buttons

Social networking is a fantastic tool for fostering customer relationships. You should incorporate social media buttons when creating your design. It is an easy way to link your page to your leads' social media accounts if they have any. 

Those who are interested can decide whether to follow your page. These links should be included on your website because social media enables you to establish direct contact with leads. Use social media buttons to link your company with more qualified leads who might convert.


When you take the time to put these suggestions into practice, your website's performance, UX, and customer lead generation can all be dramatically improved. However, once you've put some of these suggestions into practice, you might start to feel as though a complete website redesign is a more important task at hand.


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