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A Beginners Guide To Learn Psychology of Shapes in Web Design

Everything which you see physically or virtually is composed of shapes. Which makes meanings and influences your understanding of how shapes work in this universe.

However, they are so common that most artists start learning how to create by dissecting or constructing pictures into fundamental geometry. Also, shapes are shown more than just as useful functional tools as they are shown in a useful meaning that designers convey in web design ideas. 

Hence, when it comes to web design, shape psychology in designis the most important factor for users. As it impacts the user in the very first impression. 

In this blog, we will go through the list of shapes and how to work on them in web design. Thus you will learn and leverage the psychology of shapes in design to produce more meaningful web design. 

What is the Psychology of shapes?

It is the branch of science which examines how shape can affect humans.

There are various types of perceptions of shapes that cause variation in psychological effects. Every kind of psychology of 2d shapes in design or normal shapes in designs has different feelings, ideas, and experiences that directly hit your brain.

Forms are the most important aspect of designers. Which can influence how viewers feel about the design through the psychology of colour and shape.

This means we can use these shapes to convey a wide range of emotions to the viewer. People will feel and act differently after seeing these shapes, even if they do not notice them right away. Also, these elements can be used by web designers to give a message, they are attempting to convey through their design. 

However, each form has a distinct meaning and affects the viewer's thinking differently. This is known as shape psychology, and it is not fatal. Specialists have been studying how different shapes can influence people's behaviour and determine the viewer's persona for many years.

Types Of Shapes In Web Design 

Every shape has its unique identity, ideas, thoughts, or mood. So, let's know the different significance of shapes used in web design and what is the right shape to present your infographics, presentation, or brochure.

Geometric Shape 

Since school, you have already learned what are geometric shapes. The simplest and most prevalent shape in web design, it is created by combining a specific number of points, curves, and lines. 

However, due to anatomy, their geometric shapes are symmetrical, which makes it easy to identify them. Now let's see the most common geometric shapes found in web design. 

Square and Rectangle 

Squares and rectangles are the most familiar shapes in website design projects. You can easily see them in everyday street signs, sheets of paper, or shop signs. These are the most familiar in design layouts like social media headers, business cards, or social media posts. 

Straight lines and right angles are used to create square and rectangle shapes, which inspire confidence and security in users. It attributes people to feel safe and contained. This depicts the importance of squares and rectangles in thepsychology of shapes and lines in website design. 

Meaning of Common Square Shapes

  • Strength

  • Security

  • Reliability

  • Discipline


It is the shape of a polygon with three vertices and three edges. Triangles are defined as dynamic shapes and energetic shapes, in which attributes make triangles represent motion and direction. Now depending on the different positions of the triangle it has different meanings if the triangle is pointing up or upright it shows stability and balance, similarly if the position of the triangle is reversed it shows risky feelings and instability.

Due to the line placement, the viewer's eye is drawn to the top of the triangle; as a result, skinny triangles are frequently used as arrows or pointers to emphasize an essential component of your design; connected to this quality, if the triangle point is facing right, it symbolises progress.

Meaning of Common Triangle Shapes

  • Movement

  • Balance

  • Risk

  • Stability

Circles, Ovals, and Ellipses

It is the third geometric shape that does not have an angle, which makes them smaller and softer. This commonly represents the eternity due to which they don't contain a beginning or ending. However, in website design, these shapes are used differently depending on their purposes like in Logo design they are the most familiar shapes used in logo outlines or backgrounds. Also, in web design, these shapes are used for small icons. 

One of the most common shapes used by designers is the circular shape because they are both powerful and highly visible web elements as well as naturally representing wholeness and completion. These characteristics make circular shapes very useful shapes in any design project.

Meaning of Common Circle Shapes

  • Eternity 

  • Universe

  • Mystery

  • The Earth, the Moon, or the Sun

Pentagons, Hexagons, and Octagons

These shapes are one of the most used polygon shapes in Web Design, as considering polygons are not used very much in design projects due to their complexity. But we can use polygon shapes to show real elements from our daily lives in the form of logos or icons. For Example, Polygon shapes are used in a variety of applications, including street signs, beehive sections, and bolts.

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Because of their geometric nature, these polygons are frequently used in infographic design and can be used as puzzle pieces to construct larger compositions and arrange information.


Spiral shapes are frequently found in nature, including in shells and flowers, and they are frequently used in website design to symbolize the circle of life and development.

Meaning of Common Spiral Shapes

  • Growth

  • Intelligence

  • Creativity

  • Modernity


Unexpectedly, shapes have more power. You can easily communicate specific emotions and feelings through them. The secret is to understand which shapes can best help you accomplish your objective and to use those shapes appropriately in your website designs.

As you've seen, they can also be used successfully in logo design, but you must be very careful about what you choose.

In essence, everything in this world can be distilled down to its most basic elements. You can become a cubist if you can master the fundamentals of shapes.

Hence, shapes are important in website design projects, icon design, and most importantly logo design, where shapes communicate a brand's goals, what they do, and their philosophy.

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