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5 Web Designing Features that are driving customers crazy

It is simple to accept adequate design and functionality for websites. Because, in general, why change something that isn't broken? However, it is risky to become careless with your company website.

If your pages aren't being updated properly as trends shift and improved continually, you risk losing visitors. Let’s examine the leading five causes.

  • Landing page has music and animation

No one likes to hear music when they access a website, which sounds silly that it still needs to be addressed. However, some business owners still haven't understood this. It's just irritating; it doesn't create a mood. 


The same goes for the graphical animations on the welcome screen you have to go through before accessing the website. A web designing company in Noida makes sure that your website should be designed with today's sophisticated and time-constrained online users in mind.

  • No way to filter the results

The procedure of making purchases for your customers will be difficult without a filter option. People detest having to sift through numerous product grids to find what they're looking for. 

In light of this, web designing services in Noida pays attention that every e-commerce site needs to have layered and filtered navigation. Finding what they're seeking is made much simpler for customers.

  • There is no search option

You are actually taking a significant risk and trying the patience of your clients by removing the search option. When a customer could have accessed the information they desired immediately through a search, save yourself the embarrassment by offering a search option and save them by having them click on your site's product hierarchy.

  • The loading speed is slow

Your website will take longer to load if you add more complicated features. Additionally, users are more likely to abandon your website if they must wait a longer amount of time for it to load. Search rankings may suffer as a result of slow-loading websites.  Another good argument to avoid using Flash and to do away with music and animations is this. 


Additionally, you have to make sure that all of your visuals are compressed to create a file that is as tiny as possible without sacrificing visual quality. A custom web designing service provider can be hired for a few hours of work if you need assistance with this.

  • Content is out of date

If you lack the resources to update your website frequently, keep it straightforward and focus on the most important aspects of your company. You can update your social media profiles with details about events, sales, and new products. 

The same rule applies to your blog; if you don't update it frequently, it is best to not have one. Customers could question how updated the rest of the website is if they click on the blog only to discover that the most recent entry was published years ago.


Here are five significant reasons why clients might stop visiting your company's website. You're prepared to go forward now. To create websites that don't irritate users, try employing website builders like buziness.in.

As an alternative, you might engage with an Indian custom web design company to create a website for your business that is search engine friendly. Our top suggestion is Worklooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd., a web development company in Noida, which will help you create an amazing website. Call us right away.

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