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15 Most Successful Website ideas for a Side Business in 2023

Nowadays, running websites is everywhere and a respectable side business for making money online. Moreover, there are still lots of undiscovered possibilities for websites.

Good website design ideas assist you in building a site for a personal blog or an online business while increasing your brand's visibility and attracting new clients. As an output, income possibilities will increase.

This article has assembled a checklist of thebest website ideas to motivate you. We explore laudable business niches, both conventional and unconventional. 

Best Website Ideas For Your Next Business

There are several main types of website ideas for beginners. Each type will have its own design and structure requirements and its unique purpose. Here are the profitable website ideas.

E-commerce Websites

Any website that markets goods online is an e-commerce website. It can be a standalone store or a store that is just a small part of the business (like the Google store that sells Google logo t-shirts and mugs).

An e-commerce site usually consists of a home page, category pages, product pages, and a checkout page. It also has various promotional pages, a referral/loyalty program, and a customer service page where consumers go to get their questions answered.


Blogs are one of the famous kinds of websites on the Internet. Today, there are billions of blog entries and over 600 million blogs online. 

Blogging provides a very powerful mechanism for brands to increase brand awareness, tell their story, attract readers through content marketing, and earn money through affiliate marketing. 

WordPress and Medium are the two most popular blogging platforms, and many publications are built and run on them.

Online Courses

There are a ton of entrepreneurs who have offered online courses. It's a great way to leverage your experience and expertise in a particular topic and grow an engaged audience around it.

There are standalone course sites that are either custom or you can build and host them on platforms like Thinkific, Podia, or Teachable. Also, course makers can publish and display their offers on sites like Coursera or Udemy.

Service Websites

This category includes any website that sells services. Consider your local tattoo artist or massage therapist. A service site usually has pages that produce its services, a home page, and a way to pay and book appointments.

News and Trends

Online news publications are another great business model. These are websites that provide their viewers with news items on a range of subjects, such as MSNBC or TechCrunch. Several news websites have online shops where they not only offer memberships to the sites but also the numerous things they write about.

Personal Portfolio or CV

Many freelancers or consultants create their portfolios or resume sites. These are sites that present their work, and their projects, and have a simple contact form. They are intended to highlight their personality, attract potential buyers or promote a newsletter.

Review Sites

Online reviews are increasingly evolving into an effective tool for e-commerce. Studies show that 93% of consumers use online reviews to make buying decisions.

There are review sites such as Yelp as well as smaller review blogs. E-commerce platforms also use product reviews on each product and category page. Amazon reviews are a considerably prominent example.

Event Sites

Event sites are a subset of services. These websites show a range of both online and physical events and sporadically offer tickets for those events.

Beauty Website

Design a website concentrated on beauty tips and products. To draw viewers and advertisers, many beauty professionals produce cosmetics tutorials.

Optimizing each article for search engines and keeping up with the latest trends helps you stand out.

Sports Website

Create a website that suits sporting events, promotes local tournaments, or covers sports news. Earn revenue by selling advertising space and merchandise, and promoting affiliate links. This type of website may also produce sponsored content promoting certain sports events or teams.

Finance Website

Finance is an essential but challenging topic to analyze without any recommendations. Create a website that explains financial terminologies and essential personal finance advice. Take it to the next level by posting articles on the stock market and cryptocurrency.

Fan Club Website

Create a website to share news about celebrities, musicians, or fan-favorite sports teams. A fan club or celebrity site can also function as a forum, depending on fans around the world. Apply to Google AdSense to monetize traffic.

Meditation Website

One of the best website ideas for making money and boosting well-being is to launch a meditation website. Provide meditation sessions as well as productivity and focus-boosting tips and tricks. Consider using a membership system to sell exclusive online training courses.

Video Game Website

With tons of video game titles released yearly, the chances of making money in the gaming industry are higher than ever. Make a gaming website where you can post video game reviews, wikis, and tips and tricks.

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Posting comments on video games is another common way to make money online. It's the perfect format for gamers who like to be in front of a camera.

Humor Website

Hone your skills as a comedy writer and start a comedy site. Content formats you can offer a variation of the same and from social media posts to visual media. Once the site has high traffic, rent the ad space to Google AdSense and generate revenue.

Closing Up: Website Ideas 2023

Developing booming website business ideas takes time and effort. However, it can potentially become a profitable side, that hustles in the long run.

While there are plenty of ideas for your website to explore or consider your interests when choosing one, don't be afraid to experiment and learn from those who have turned their websites into profitable online businesses. We think that this article has encouraged you enough with unique website ideas to get begun.

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