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10 Factors That Influence eCommerce Website Development Cost

Each and every business has a different approach to developing an e-commerce website. eCommerce website development costs can be confusing when starting a new business, moving some of your in-person business online, or redesigning your website. You might get conflicting responses from other business owners or web development companies.

Therefore, to better plan your budget with the custom e-commerce website development cost, find out what goes into the design and development of a custom e-commerce website.

So, let’s just quickly look into the factors affecting the eCommerce website development cost India.

What Factors Affects The eCommerce Website Development Cost?

The setup of an eCommerce website development cost is influenced by plenty of things like size, number, nature or service provided by your company. The eCommerce website development cost for difficult websites (like the ones with 100-1000 products) is around $5,000-$55,000). Hence, there are a lot of features which contribute to a cost division.

To find out what factors have the biggest impact on the eCommerce website development cost, read the list of factors below:

CMS Platform Selection

The cost to develop an ecommerce website depends on a CMS, or content management system. A CMS made for e-commerce typically has more features but a wide range of pricing options, from free to "ca-ching."

To name a few, a SaaS e-commerce platform's features might include payment processing options, shipping integrations, or scalable security options. Compared to others, some provide more robust functionality. Your decision may change depending on how many products you offer, how much you sell, your security needs, and integrations.

An Accessible Website Design

Cost is significantly influenced by an accessible website design. Where web pages are improved in following: it should have a user-friendly and customer-focused design. While you can't hold your customer's hands while they shop, you can streamline and make the checkout process as friendly and quick as you can. 

All users should be able to access and use page layouts on any type of device or screen size. You will require a clear, user-friendly layout, carefully written copy, quick load times, and a simple checkout procedure. 

Custom Design vs. Website Themes

Some e-commerce companies choose a theme that comes with their CMS, which functions somewhat like a template. The majority of these are free or very inexpensive. For instance, WooCommerce sells a variety of themes for $30 or less.

Even though a developer can modify a theme, occasionally your needs are too particular for a pre-made solution. A truly unique website can be produced through custom design, but the cost is higher. Custom websites typically cost thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars. However, a great design can eventually pay for itself.

Product and Content Pictures

The cost to make an ecommerce website depends on the focus of the website on product pages. A simple website may only require a few pages, but an e-commerce website demands exceptional, high-quality pages that thoroughly describe each good and service.

Depending on how many products you sell and how many pages you host, the cost for product pages varies greatly. An electronics company, for instance, is likely to offer many more products than a service provider with just a few key offerings. 

Content Writing

You should be prepared to spend money on professional writing for content such as product descriptions, sales copy, and supporting data. Although writing services for a full-service eCommerce website development costs more, you might be able to find an agency for as little as $50 per hour.

Product Images

Product image can affect the cost as it uses only reputable, high-quality images on your e-commerce website. Because it will rely heavily on them, also cutting corners on the image is not acceptable. Product images need to be properly lit, sized, taken from a variety of angles, and search engine optimised. File sizes must be both quick-loading and large enough to display detail.

Search Engine Optimization for E-commerce Sites

In eCommerce site development costs depends on SEO, which is a crucial component of a successful website because it makes sure that users can find it in search results. Due to its close integration with every component of the website, SEO cannot be considered a stand-alone service. 

It is influenced by the website's structure, metadata, copy, images, and even how frequently you update the site. Your website can be approached holistically by an integrated design and development team, helping to ensure that everything is in line with the fundamentals of e-commerce SEO.

Payment or Shopping Cart Options

The shopping cart and checkout options on an e-commerce website set it apart from a standard website. Some online payment processors, like PayPal or Google Checkout, are free to use initially but deduct a portion of your sales revenue after each transaction. 

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For instance, PayPal charges 2.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction. Authorize.Net is another option; it has low transaction fees but does charge a setup fee and a monthly fee. To determine which choice is best for your company, take a step back and consider your projected revenue.

Website Security 

Make sure you consider how you'll confirm that a transaction is legitimate and that no one is using stolen credit card information before launching your e-commerce website. As a seller, you must adhere to certain legal requirements because you are dealing with the financial and personal information of other people. To avoid getting into trouble later, it's crucial that you are aware of these things before launching your website. Hence, we can considered this as a major cost affecting factor, as security is important for every website.


There are numerous factors that influence the cost of developing an eCommerce website. So you need to maintain a budget, especially if the website is essential to your business model, also the website's content and design should be updated periodically.

Additionally, for the best return on your investment in eCommerce Website Building Cost, the development should be scalable, resilient, and flexible. Therefore, a talented team is required in order for your vision to be discovered better than you had hoped. 

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